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DIF Diplom: Når du vil være blandt de bedste

VI PRØVER NOGET NYT og åbner nu op for en engelsk diplomtræneruddannelse i 2021.

Uddannelsen starter den 31. maj 2021 og er opbygge efter vores normale turbo forløb (læs mere om det nedenfor). Forskellen er selvfølgelig at alt undervisning og litteratur er på engelsk.

Forløbet er over tre blokke:

Blok 1: Mandag den 31. maj til lørdag den 5. juni 2021 (Ledelse, Idrætspsykologi, Pædagogik)

Blok 2: Mandag den 23. august til lørdag den 28. august 2021 (Anatomi/skadeforebyggelse, Tekniktræning, Ernæring og Anti Doping)

Blok 3: Mandag den 25. oktober til lørdag den 30. august 2021 (Træningslærer og ATK)

Til hver blok er der en skriftlig eksamensopgave efterfyldt af en mundtlig eksamen.

Blok 1 er mandag den 23. august 2021

Blok 2 er mandag den 25. oktober 2021

Blok 3 er fredag den 17. december 2021


Tilmeldingsfristen er den 20. april 2021. Tilmelding skal ske via tilmeldingsknappen til højre. 

Yderligere information følger. 



IN MAY 2021 WE ARE TRYING OUT SOMETHING NEW. We are now launching an English version of our DIFDiploma CoachEducation program

The program starts May 31st, 2021 andwill be offered asaso-called“Turbo forløb (read more below). The only difference, of course, is that all teaching will be in English.

The course consists of three blocks:

Bloch 1: Monday 31st of May to Saturday 5th of June 2021 (Subjects: Management, Sports Psychology, Pedagogy)

Block 2: Monday 23rd of August to Saturday 28th of August 2021 (Subjects: Anatomy Injury Prevention, Technique Training, Nutrition, and Anti-Doping)

Block 3: Monday 25th of October to Saturday 30th ofOctober2021 (Subjects: Physiology & Training planning and ATK (age-related training concept))

For each block, there will be a written exam paper followed by an oral exam.

Dates for the oral exam will be:

Block 1Monday, August 23rd, 2021

Block 2Monday, October 25th, 2021

Block 3Friday, December 17th, 2021


The registration deadline is April 20, 2021. Registration must be done via the registration button on the right.


This coach education is for you who not only want to work with the best athletes but also have the ambition to be part of the elite of coaches. With this education, you take the leap from coach to elite coach. 

The education is for you who have experience coaching sub-elite or elite athletes. Moreover, it is a prerequisite that you have a sports theoretical foundation corresponding to the DIF Coach 2 education (contact your federation if you have questions in this matter or contact Pernille Anna Pedersen from DIF (ppe@dif.dk))

The teaching is handled by DIF´s competent teachers, who all have relevant educational backgrounds and who are experts in their given field. They all have close relationships with the world of sports

Education outline

Turbo-forløb: The Turbo-forløbtakes approx. six months. The Turbo-forløbis primarily aimed at coaches who serve as coach as one of their primary duties, e.g., as a full-time coach. Participants at the Turbo-forløb are usually highly dedicated and consist of coaches who have a deep and broad experience in their field as a coach.

The Turbo-forløbis a compressed course over 3 x 6 following days, where teaching takes place from 8:30 to 18:00 from Monday to Saturday. It is a demanding course, and the expectations are high. We expect the participants to be well prepared for each block and lecture. There will be a substantial amount of reading, differentassignmentsreflections, and intensive teaching days. Moreover, for each block, each participant will have to hand in a written exam paper and subsequently complete an oral exam.

Duringtheeducation,you will be presented with a variety of subjects that is essential for you as an elite coach in your sport. Once the education is completed, you will be able to act competentlyin an elite and competition-oriented organization.

The following subjects are taught:

Block 1: Management, pedagogy, and psychology.

Block 2: Anatomy & injury prevention, technique training, Anti-doping, and nutrition.

Block 3: Training teacher, physiology, and ATK.

The education consists of 165 teaching lessons consisting of general sports theory combined with learning in action.

The Federation-specific part

To be able to complete the DIF Diploma Coach Educationyou must, in collaboration with your federation complete the equivalent of a minimum of 30 hours of education run by your federation. To get more information about this part, please contact the contact person in your federation or contact Pernille Anna Pedersen from DIF (ppe@dif.dk) The federation-specificpart is not included in the course fee.

Further information

In our brochure, you can read more about the education framework, course content, structure of education, and in our Curriculum, you can read more about the guidelines, etc. (onlyavailable in Danish).

Note: It is possible to apply for credit for parts of the education - read here how (only available in Danish).

Participation fee

DKK 21,000 for all three blocks if you are registered via a sports federation under DIF, and DKK 30,000 for others.

The entire fee is charged through your federation and the registration is financially binding.


In case of deregistration, the amount will be refunded at the following rates:

Deregistrationno later than 4 weeks before start: 100% refundable

Deregistration no later than 2 weeks before start: 50%. refundable

Deregistration no later than 7 days before start: 25% refundable


Deregistration later than 7 days: no refund



Education coordinator in Team Talent and Elite Pernille Anna Pedersen, email: ppe@dif.dk and telephone 43262023.

If you want to be informed by email when we open for the new educations, you can also contact Pernille by mail.