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We want Denmark to move

The National Olympic Committee & Sports Confederation of Denmark is a civil society and popular movement, who aim to harness the power of sport to promote values of benefit to all people.

The National Olympic Committee & Sports Confederation of Denmark works with national and local politicians to get Denmark to move. We are fundamentally a voluntary, civic and popular movement, who aim to developing the Danish society based on the universal values of sport.

We Move Denmark to create the happiness we achieve when engaging in physical activity together, creating lasting communities and experiencing the incredible feeling when a group of people of all different backgrounds comes together as a team.

We Move Denmark to promote the physical activity that helps us stay healthy and prevents diseases.

We Move Denmark to harness the power of the togetherness we are experiencing as a society when the Danish athletes are succeeding either at the Olympics, World Cup or other international championships.

And we want Denmark to move even more in the next couple of years. Being the largest sports organisation, organising 2 million individual members and more than 9.000 local clubs, comes with huge responsibilities to set ambitious visions for the health and wellbeing of all Danes.

This is why the National Olympic Committee and Sport Confederation of Denmark publicly have committed to:

  • To make Denmark the most physically active country in the world
  • To promote the benefits of sport in society
  • To ensure offer a safe, modern and high-quality environment for people to do sport.
  • To further develop volunteerism in sports and in Denmark
  • To promote diversity and inclusion in Danish sport
  • To work strategically in developing elite sport.