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DIF is the National Olympic Committee and Sports Confederation of Denmark.

This is a brief introduction in English about the Sports Confederation of Denmark (DIF).

International sport is currently facing tremendous challenges. But international sport also represents the global enthusiasm around sport and physical activity which hit the world in 2012, when London hosted one of the best and most successfully held Olympic Games ever seen.

In these stormy waters filled with challenges and potential, the NOC of Denmark wishes to take responsibility at the international level. 86 % of all children in Denmark are engaged in sporting life and activities. This puts us among the top nations in the world in this field. We have a strong tradition for volunteer work, which attracts attention and envy in large parts of the world. At the same time the Development of our talents is targeted and headed by Experts and we host international sporting events that help put Denmark, and Danish sport, up among the most significant nations to host sporting events.

Read and download the entire international strategy of the NOC of Denmark here.

For more info please contact director of sports policy at DIF, Poul Broberg, pbr@dif.dk, +45 43 26 20 13