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Sports for all kids Guldsmedens Hotels

Guldsmedens Hotels
The purpose of the economic pool ”Sports for all kids” is to help vulnerable children and youths under the age of 18 who´s parents are economically challenged, participate in sports.

For years, the Guldsmedens Hotels have contributed with funds that primarily come from their bike rentals. Additionally, the contributions have come from the hotels by:

  • Payment for presentations by the hotel´s management
  • Donations to “Sports for all Kids” instead of Christmas presents for our partners
  • When the Danish Sports Union rents rooms at a Guldsmedens Hotels, we send the income to “Sports for all Kids”

The money may be used to pay for memberships, sporting equipment or participation in sporting events. The common denominator is that the funds help secure that children and youths that need an extra helping hand, get the opportunity to participate in sporting activities, forge friendships and develop skills in a sports club.

“Sports for all Kids” is managed by the National Olympic Committee and Sports Confederation of Denmark (DIF) Get2sport, which is DIF´s effort to support sports clubs in exposed residential areas.

The economic pool is open for applications for a limited period every year. It was closed in March 2019 and opened again in November. This time, there are approximately 200.000 Danish Kroner available.

The concept

Member clubs of DIF can apply to the pool for children and youths under the age of 18 whose parents are economically challenged and receive help to pay for the child´s membership.

If other corporations or organizations are interested in supporting “Sports for all Kids” to help vulnerable children and youths via sporting clubs, contact the project manager for DIF Get2sport Kristina Lind Thrane, klt@dif.dk, tlf: 61304134